You were the letter I wrote
over and over again, but
somehow was always too
scared to send. You were
the last train that never
showed up and I am still
waiting, because I can’t
swallow the thought that
you didn’t lose your breath
the way I did the last time
we spoke. You were the
sentence that confused me
all over, the words that
showed up in every poem
I wrote. You were the tragedy
I will never regret.
wtm, you were, you are (via wordscanbeenough)


What’s a Palestinian life worth compared to an Israeli?

Israeli forces shot and killed 13-year-old Mohammed Dudin this morning as they continued terrorizing the Palestinian population in what they say is a search for 3 Israelis who are supposedly missing. This young boy was from Dura near the West Bank city of Hebron.

He is the third Palestinian to have been killed since Israel reported the disappearance of 3 settlers 8 days ago. 20-year-old Ahmad Sabarin was killed in Jalazoun Refugee Camp on Sunday and 7-year-old Ali Al-Awour from Gaza a day earlier


- I knew I was over you the day I cried in sujood and your thoughts weren’t the ones that plagued my mind.I knew I was over you when I didn’t feel the need to utter your name in my duas, I knew I was over you when I prayed for happiness, for my friends and for myself, and didn’t connect my happiness with yours. I knew I was over you, when I stopped asking God for you, for us. I knew I was over you…